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Art is and always will be (hopefully) a main avenue for how we share our thoughts and ideas that are not so easy to express simply and casually. Throughout our history, art (in all its variety) has survived the tidal waves of cultural transformation and assimilation, lots of death and rebirth, as well as being caged and then set free in various ways.  It remains an unpredictable source of imagination to this very moment, I would actually say a mysterious one!  It has the power to influence one’s thoughts, opening new ideas and avenues of possibility, while also deeply affecting the heart and spirit.  It may be that art will create a revolution, but not in the traditional sense.  Just as how one new idea can change a persons’ perception, one new piece of art can change many throughout time.  Though the world may not change in an instant by art, but it’s slow and steady spread into the active part of our lives and imaginations should tell the tale.  Hopefully it will leave the studio and make it’s way around the world, create many changes, and then come back through the studio and help new ideas to be born.

Working on my new sketch!!.jpg

My artwork, I guess it takes a side-view of social, political and cultural issues.  I don't really like to point a finger and blame or pick a side and argue indefinitely.  Rather, I try to explore the varying relationships between internal people and our external world.  While I remain open to use a variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is consistent (usually!).  Although there may not always be subjective similarities between the different projects, they are linked by recurring cultural concerns, the patterns of everyday life, and all the interesting things that are available in each encounter if we remain open to them.  The subject matter of each body of work kinda determines the materials and the forms for itself.  Often, projects consist of multiple works, in a range of similar media but different 'scenes' (like different snapshots in the same city), grouped around specific themes and meanings.  During progress and production of the present work, new areas of interest pop up and lead to what happens next.  I love it!

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